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PPC Management

Achieve immediate impact with a smarter, data-driven Google Ads strategy. We look beyond your PPC account and optimise your product listings, website and shopping feeds to drive highly converting traffic.

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How we deliver growth

We've been working with paid advertising since 2006 and have a proven track record of returns. We make heavy use of custom scripts to categorise products and make the most of automated bidding strategies.

Shopping feed optimisation

Product Buckets

Split products into Heroes, Sidekicks, Villains & Zombies based on their performance.

Google ads targeting


Build your audience/customer list to help Google target the right customers.

Google Shopping Feeds

Shopping Feed

Optimise the shopping feed to ensure maximum keyword coverage & traffic.

Merchant Centre management

Merchant Centre

We manage the merchant centre to ensure to no disapproved items or missing barcodes.


Google Ads sends
targeted customers.

Our strategy is centered on growth. We amplify your ecommerce sales by funneling traffic to your site that's primed to convert. Our holistic approach focuses on both on-page optimizations and off-page tactics to ensure a cohesive growth plan.

Results at a target ROI

We ensure conversions are profitable.

Understand & optimise product listings

We classify products into heroes, sidekicks, zombies and villains based on performance.

Organic & PPC working in harmony

Our holistic approach ties all marketing channels together

No Contracts

Our performance does the talking.

* Limited to the life of the company


Frequently asked questions

How does reporting work?

We regularly report on a weekly and monthly basis, although we are often communicate with our clients on a daily basis. Our reports are easy to understand while including the meaningful data that allows us to make the next batch of experiments to drive ROI.

We don’t just fill the report with the “top 10 best hits” and expect a pat on the back.

There is also a full audit trail in Google Ads of all changes made to the account.


Google Ads and SEO work best when integrated and aligned. Paid ads appear above the organic listings that SEO seeks to influence, and can usually to deliver results more quickly. You also get access to Shopping ads which is not possible with SEO. Targeting for PPC can also be far more granular.

Google also provides huge amounts of data on paid ads that can be used to optimise, and virtually none on SEO results.

SEO is more focused on generating organic traffic over the mid-long term, and this traffic carries no attached cost-per-click. However it’s not “free” traffic as you will have to perform on-page and off-page SEO on your site on a consistent basis just to keep your current rankings.

Think of it as an arms race with your competitors, who are also trying to gain organic rankings.

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Remarketing and retargeting might seem interchangeable, but they’re distinct strategies in the digital marketing playbook. Remarketing is the broader term, usually involving re-engaging customers through emails based on past actions. Think of it as giving a nudge to someone who's already walked through your virtual door. Retargeting is typically about serving targeted ads to potential customers who have visited your site but didn't make a purchase.

Both are about making sure your brand stays top of mind, but they use different methods to keep the conversation going.

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"Our team turned to Seb to solve our web issues and it has been such a pleasure. The growth in the first 6 months has been exceptional."

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