Hi, I'm Sebastien

Digital Marketing Consultant.

I spent 16 years as CTO helping grow a £30+ million turnover leading e-commerce retailer.

Digital marketing services

I love digital marketing

£100m+ Magento site

First launched 2011

I worked as CTO at SGS Engineering for 16 years helping them grow to £31 million turnover in 2021. Heading up all things digital including developing the Magento website, managing email marketing and procuring products.

Read more about me and my work at SGS and follow an ecommerce site over a decade.

In June 2022 I founded my own consulting company to help other ecommerce businesses grow.

My lifelong passion for computing coupled with the experience of being on the frontline, building an ecommerce business, has given me a great depth of knowledge. I have the experience to help not only with your Google Ads account but with all aspects of ecommerce.

  • Deep technical understanding in many subjects
  • Managed a large AdWords account from 2006
  • Built multiple Magento e-commerce stores
  • Built automated email marketing
  • Ran on-prem and cloud servers
  • Procured Milwaukee power tools
  • Implemented ERP & WHM systems
  • Built company wide realtime dashboard
  • Raised a small dog that only bites the odd ankle

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