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Email Marketing for eCommerce

If your email marketing is less than 10% of your total ecommerce revenue you are leaving huge untapped profit on the table.

Build effective emails across your customer lifecycle

Unleash the power of your subscriber list. I help you convert more visitors into shoppers & more shoppers into repeat customers.  Your store has a gold mine of data - we tap into this data, automate marketing processes and deliver customer-centric email flows.

Your email marketing your account for at least 10% of your total ecommerce revenue
  • Grow your email list

  • Drive additional revenue

  • Recover more abandoned baskets

  • Automate related and cross-sells

  • Gather customer insights

  • Engage your customers with daily emails

klaviyo is our email marketing plaform of choice

How I work

data-fuelled strategy

Get your audience right

Live audience segmentation with Klaviyo means no outdated lists, no additional queries - everything in one place and in real-time.

I analyse your traffic and customers before splitting them into useful buckets.

An example of segmenting by spend and delivering different messages and products

Create automated post-purchase flows

Prepare your customer for what's next. Gently remind them to sign up for any warranty programme. Offer them a referral or loyalty scheme as a way to save on future purchases, rather than the normal '10% off ' coupon code. Ask them to leave a review once you know their order has shipped.

Then deliver product recommendations based on purchase data, not hunches.

An example of a post-purchase flow, all fully automated with Klaviyo.

I work with your team or deliver a complete solution

I can integrate and advise your current team and help take your email marketing to the next level as well as offer a complete solution, managing everything from product selection through to delivery.
  • Strategy
  • Segment and flow setup
  • Design
  • Weekly to daily campaigns

ecommerce conversion science

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