Hi, I'm Seb

An eCommerce and Google Ads consultant with 16 years of experience helping grow a £31m turnover retail ecommerce business.


eCommerce Veteran Since 2006

Developed the SGS Magento ecommerce site and as CTO helped them grow to £31 million turnover.

  • Deep technical understanding in many subjects
  • Managed a large AdWords account from 2006
  • Built multiple Magento e-commerce stores
  • Built automated email marketing
  • Ran on-prem and cloud servers
  • Procured Milwaukee power tools
  • Implemented ERP & WHM systems
  • Built company wide realtime dashboard
  • Raised a small dog that only bites the odd ankle

A longer intro

Amigas & linux

Aged 9 I was given my first computer, an Amiga A600, (thank you Uncle Tim) and I've been a geek ever since.

Amiga A600
My first computer, an Amiga A600 (not the acutal one, I threw that away like an idiot)

As a teenager I learnt to code, built server clusters, messed with Linux and made websites for friends and family. Then in 2003, my school friend Andy asked me to build a website for his new company which we did from my garden shed.

In 2006 I went to work full time at SGS Engineering as the third staff member. I developed a Magento eCommerce site, ran the adwords account, implemented ERP & CRM, created custom analytics dashboards, set up warehouse wifi networks, specced and built server rooms and had my hand in everything to do with digital as well as most things to do with running and growing a successful business.

Now 2022, I have founded Day Digital Marketing Ltd, putting to use my experience in growing an eCommerce business to thousands of transactions a day and millions in revenue.

My lifelong passion for computing coupled with the experience of being on the frontline, building an ecommerce business, has given me a great depth of knowledge. I have the experience to help not only with your Google Ads account but with all aspects of ecommerce.

My work at SGS

In my 16 years at SGS I helped oversee moving premises 3 times, transitioning from hand written courier labels to 1000+ automated parcels a day and built an ecommerce powerhouse that is the top independent in it's sectors.

The successful sgs-engineering.com ecommerce website attracts 100,000's of visitors every month and millions in revenue. I was integral in building, optimising and running the site and its marketing for over a decade.



Founded day.marketing

I left SGS to start my own digital marketing business.


SGS aquired by Storskogen

“We have been tremendously impressed with Andrew and his team and how they have managed to build a leading business in a competitive space. We look forward to working with Andrew and his team to further develop the company and we warmly welcome SGS to the Storskogen family.” - Christer Hansson


Email marketing automation

In 2020 I migrated the email platform from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. I fully integrated Klaviyo with Magento including custom events, allowing automated email flows that send based on a customer's purchase history.

Through analysis and segmentation we upped the send frequency of the promotional flyers, resulting in £100,000's in monthly revenue for the email channel.


Milwaukee power tools channel manager

Responsible for purchasing over £20 million in stock, marketing it and selling it online in a highly competitive sector.

I also developed a kit-splitting system, to blow apart kits and sell the components, including accurate cost and stock level tracking.

Within four years we had grown from £0 to the second largest independed Milawukee dealer in the UK.


Implemented ERP

Managed the implementation of Sage 200 and scanner picking in the warehouse. Built a highly detailed analytics dashboard for full business oversight.

The dashboard gave us the ability to see every process in the business and where improvements could be made. We were able to make decisions based on data instead of gut feel. The scanner picking system increased our picking accuracy and output, and had a direct impact on our bottom line and customer satisfaction.


Google Shopping

As the company grew and we brought more products to the range the shopping feed expanded from hundreds to thousands of listings.

I automated the feed generation in Magento and also managed the team inputting new products. The source products were set up correctly, for example with brand names in the title, and optimisations were applied at the source so both the shopping feed and organic rankings benefitted.

Shopping is a highly powerful tool for an ecommerce store and I help extract additional ROI with feed optimisation


Built a Magento eCommerce website

Developed, managed and hosted the SGS Magento website which would go on to turn over more than £100,000,000.

- Developed a custom Magento theme
- Integrated data layer with analytics
- Extreme optimisation for a faster website
- High conversion rate
- Data feeds for Google Shopping & ERP
- Process 1000+ orders a day


Managed first eCommerce website

Modified and managed the first SGS eCommerce website on a custom CMS from Headland.


Manage Google Adwords

I took over SGS's main source of traffic and spent the next 16 years growing the account into a PPC Beast. I managed the account from 2006 in the highly competitive home, DIY and power tool sectors managing multi-million pound budgets.

The account consistently outperformed the other channels combined. I was solely responsible for the management of the account and oversaw its huge growth as a driver of about 50% of the total revenue.


Built first commercial website

From my global HQ (a shed at my mothers house) I built a lead based website from scratch with PHP, MySQL & HTML.


Built first website

I had learnt HTML "the proper way" and then started playing with Dreamweaver & Frontpage building websites and self hosting them on my school LAN.


Installed Linux

I began my lifelong passion for Linux when installing Slackware via floppy disc, then spending hours getting PPPoE dial up internet working.


Gifted first computer

My uncle Tim bought me my first computer, an Amiga A600, aged 9. I learnt Workbench, Deluxe Paint & Galaga inside out.

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