Windows 11 to Debian, again.

Windows 11 to Debian, again.

Oh no, I am sick of Windows again and yearning for something different ;)

Ah, it must be about time for my yearly Linux install.

Last time I actually wrote down why I ended back on Windows again, and mainly it was Photoshop. There was a crappy bug in Google Ads as well... well fuck Adobe and their shite new licensing and fuck Microsoft with pushing Recall.

Since I last installed Debian on my main machine I've moved office and I've got a pretty sweet triple screen setup on Windows.

I love Power Toys and FancyZones for splitting the screens into snap zones.

WSL is great and I have a Debian dev environment, everything Just Works.


Comparison from last time

Windows Debian
Open Source
No Tracking / Recall
Google Ads Editor
Dual NVIDIA Cards

Crap, I do love Excel. Maybe I can try one of the horrible free versions like Libreoffice again? Google Sheets is fine for most things, but I like to be able to open csv files in a local editor quickly and easily.

I would be OK with running Ads Editor & Excel in a VM, but Photoshop never runs as well as on bare metal and is annoying to use.

The real dealbreaker is the Dual Nvidia cards - I have three monitors running from two cards, and I don't want to re-cable them into one card.